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At KPLLC, we feel that evaluation at its best is fearlessly inclusive, helps multiple audiences gain insight, makes space for bold visions and reflections, calls out inequities, and is a vehicle for systemic change. Dedicated to the practical use of data to inform priorities, align strategy, and document impacts, you can count on us. We use both traditional methods of data collection (e.g., surveys/polling, case studies, interviews, focus groups, social network analyses) and more culturally attuned methods - (e.g., storytelling, relational interviewing, visual imagery, and critical arts-based methods). We engage in culturally attuned and responsive evaluations and lead with humility, integrity, and joy. 

Evaluation Tools

KPLLC works with you to develop key questions and test your theories about how change happens. We are equally comfortable performing complex analyses with national data sets or gathering local, micro data in order to develop metrics, indicators, and dashboards. In all that we do, we resist fixed assumptions about experts and subjects, the knower and known. We take seriously our commitment to continually deepen our own understanding of the heterogeneity within groups, the diversity within diversity.

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Our evaluation efforts have pushed innovations in health and well-being, education, economic security, racial equity, and civic engagement. We work nimbly at the intersections of policy, advocacy programs, and governance.

We engage in culturally attunded programs to respectfully include those who are most deeply impacted, share insights about contexts and conditions, create spaces for deep reflection, name and frame inequities, and stand clearly for radical, equitable change.


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