Mental health and wellness is more than a state of mind. Mental health lives in our behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and values and is deeply affected by our relationships, communities, structures, systems, and histories. We at KPLLC believe that the pursuit of mental wellness is a journey. Each of us has a unique array of resources that evolve over time and help propel us along our wellness journey. Sometimes it’s a loving friend or community; a practice of meditation, deep breathing, or visioning; an activity or exercise; a safe and secure space for respite; a wise elder; a habit of journaling; a collection of inspirational readings or music; or a spiritual practice and ritual. Other times, it’s a therapeutic relationship with a well-trained, culturally responsive healing practitioner.

How we respond today can be informed by what we have experienced in our own past, what our ancestors have transmitted across the generations, and what resources we have currently. KPLLC continues to develop tools and curate spaces to support you broadly in cultivating your own, unique array of resources and tools for your wellness journey.


Kindred spirits in our Black wellness journey

In case of a mental health crisis, here are some options for support:

  • Dial 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
  • Text “HOME” to 741741 for a volunteer Crisis Counselor
  • Dial 1-866-48-7386 or text 678-678 for the The Trevor Project, specializing in working with LGBTQ young people
  • Dial 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” or “Hablanos” to 66746 for the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline/Linea de Ayuda
  • Go safely to your nearest Emergency Medical facility

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