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Kaleidoscope Pathways, LLC (KPLLC) is an evaluation, wellness, and strategic consultation firm that works to create a radically just world. Founded in 2011, KPLLC is a woman-forward, HUB and SBE Certified, diverse collective of experts who range in age, gender expression, race/ethnicity, culture, and demography. Our team has over one hundred and fifty years of experience in envisioning, tracking, and accelerating social change.

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Kaleidoscope Pathways

We at Kaleidoscope Pathways believe that successfully addressing issues of inequity and injustice with marginalized people and people of color must include developing authentic partnerships grounded in transparency and integrity. We support our partners in using their powers to strategize and execute with intention. We work to create a world in which all community members are nested in systems and communities that support their thriving and are equipped with the tools and resources they need. Such a world is radically different from the world we currently live in.


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We take seriously our responsibility to create tools and synthesize knowledge to support others in their equity and justice journeys. Discover our products to help you on your journey.

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We are a diverse collective of experts who range in age, gender expression, race/ethnicity, culture, and demography and who have over one hundred years of experience cumulatively. 


Our Collaborators

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Casey Family Programs
Greater New Orleans Funders Network
The Skillman Foundation
National Basketball Players Association Foundation
Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust
Ford Foundation
WK Kellogg Foundation
City of Raleigh
CF Leads
Miller3 Consulting
JP Morgan Chase
Foundation for Louisianna
Nexus Research Group
New Orleans Business Alliance
Triangle Community Foundation
UNC Chapel Hill
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